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Organic cotton women’s long johns to stay warm in the wintertime and make the most of the summertime

Unique, versatile, made from GOTS certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified, Hemen’s long johns for women are a must in every woman’s underwear collection. These leggings from Hemen work like a basic one must have in their wardrobe and that can be used in different seasons, to stay incredibly cosy in the winter, or to lounge around at home in the summer.
For modern women who want to go back to simpler things, Hemen creates women’s long johns
that are just long enough for their legs and that are made from comfortable, soft materials.
Whether they decide to wear them as a proper garment or as pyjamas, Hemen’s long johns will suit all body types. Available in sizes S to XL, these women’s undergarments have been designed to keep up with their daily lives, no matter the occasion, and to allow them to feel both elegant and comfortable.
All women’s long johns have been designed in Hemen’s creative studio, where the colors and materials are always linked to the current trends and DNA of the women’s lingerie brand.
Designed in France, they are made in Portugal according to the underwear brand’s environmental beliefs. Solid color styles are all Oeko-Tex certified and made from GOTS certified organic cotton, with just the right amount of elastane to be comfortably stretchy and easy to care for by being
machine washable. Hemen’s long johns for women provide them with an original twist, thanks to their elegant, minimalistic vibe, even when they are lounging at home.
In a tumultuous world where women’s daily lives are full of challenges, the comfort and barely-there feel of leggings help take them on.

Women’s undergarments that are both sturdy and a must in every ethical wardrobe

Hemen offers several women’s long johns styles. At Hemen, no matter what color underwear a woman ends up choosing, she can rest assured it will be the perfect length and made from GOTS certified organic cotton. They are all high quality, comfortable, elegant and easy to care for, as they are made from organic cotton that can be machine-washed. Now, all you need is to pick a
shade, as Hemen’s long johns for women are available in several colors. Partially thanks to how long they are, these 220/m2 organic cotton jersey ribbed long johns will lengthen one’s figure, for an authentic, sophisticated vibe. With 96% GOTS certified organic cotton and 4 % elastane, they will be perfect whatever the occasion. Thanks to them, you will keep warm in the winter and feel good in all situations, whether it is to lounge or work out, while being functional and sexy.
Other women’s long johns styles from Hemen, made from slightly more dense organic cotton ribbed jersey, are also offered in several options and will suit all occasions.

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To buy ethically and responsibly at the best price while enjoying comfort, elegance and a French design, you can count on Hemen Biarritz. Buying on the brand’s e-shop while limiting your impact on the environment is possible – the brown kraft paper sourced in France can be entirely recycled and Hemen donates 1% of its revenues to environmental initiatives. After placing an order for Hemen’s GOTS certified organic cotton women’s long johns on our e-shop, you are free to decide and change your mind if you would like by returning your product. Don’t forget to measure your waist or to refer to your pants size before picking a size. Choosing the right size for oneself isn’t always easy, but Hemen is here to help – check out our size guide to find out more about each one of our women’s long johns.
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