Guide Pinard


French nature wine book

Like an invitation to the pleasure of drunkenness, PINARD introduces you to the marvelous world of living wine.
Whether natural, organic or biodynamic, this living wine contains very specific vinification methods. Meetings with committed winegrowers, selection of addresses where to tackle and drink nature, wine bar, wine merchants, grocery stores where to fill up. With PINARD, you will never be out of wine again
Inside Pinard:
Deciphering articles that dissect the world of living wine.
Why is natural wine scary?
How to approve it to better appreciate it?
Reports at the heart of the domains.
Meetings with winegrowers and grape pickers.
Survey of wine bottle labels.
Portraits of nature wine drinkers.
Addresses where to buy and uncork good wine (grocery store, cellar, bar, restaurant…)
Weight: 0.4kg
Size: 22 x 15cm
Details: 132 pages
Premium paper.
Printing in the Basque Country.

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